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Hawaiʻi State Art Museum New Exhibit - "For Walls" Exhibit

"For Walls" Exhibit

This exhibition highlights sculptures created specifically for walls, using them both as a support and as a backdrop. Many of us, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantining, have become all too familiar with our own four walls. With that in mind, we invite you to explore a variety of unique and dynamic ways artists engage and enliven enclosed spaces. All artworks are from the Art in Public Places Collection of the SFCA.

Artworks in this exhibit:

  • "Retablo: The Oracle of Mary Magdalene" by Mandell Andres, mixed media, circa 1993
  • "Hoʻo Maka", 1975 and "Terra", 1980 by Bumpei Akaji, copper sculptures
  • "Gathering 3" by Jisoo Boggs, ceramic, 2019
  • "Changing II" by Shore Brenner, woven wall hanging, 1978
  • "Hiʻiaka's Skirt Becomes a Surfboard for Lohiʻau" by Mark Chai, recycled green plastic and reclaimed wood, 2009
  • "The Nudibranch Parade" by Kimberly De Souza, ceramic
  • "Adam and Eve" by Joseph Feher, wood relief carving, 1967
  • "Erosion #1" and "Erosion #2" by Yoko Haar, ceramic relief sculpture, circa 2001
  • "Untitled" by Jun Kaneko, hand-built glazed ceramic, 2007
  • "Dwell Series #4" by Ted Lott, basswood, found object, electrical
  • "Black Rain" by Sharon Mills, rope, 1971
  • "Unknown Title" and "Structural Composition #10" by Jerry Okimoto, wood
  • "Wind No. 15" by Eiji Okubo, mixed media sculpture
  • "Black Waterfall" by Dean Pulver, wood, 2019
  • "More Attached Than You Think" by Fred Roster, bronze, stone, steel, and wood sculpture, circa 2001
  • "The Cock Fight" by Fiama Von Schuetze, natural fiber sculpture, 2019
  • "Crutch" by Ray Yoshida, wooden crutch decorated with wire, glitter, and collage

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